Annomation is a Web 3.0 tool to annotate videos using Semantic Web technologies. It was developed by the Open University's Knowledge Media Institute for the university's Open Broadcasting Unit.

Go annotate.


The Semantic Web is a vision and set of technologies that make it possible to share information on the Web in a way that large and diverse sets of data can be easily merged and queried by machines.

Annomation uses a number of Semantic Web technologies including

Annomation also uses Linked Data services and information sources including

The result of using Semantic Web technologies means data created in Annomation can be reused in serendipitous ways by anyone interested in the annotations. The annotation data can be recombined with data from other sources on the Semantic Web to create new data sets and Semantic mash-ups. The same annotations can be used by Open University staff to find material for new courses, students looking for extra sources on a subject that interests them, programme makers searching for library footage, or anything else someone, somewhere, can imagine. An example application, created by KMi and OBU in tandem with Annomation, is SugarTube.


A video of Annomation in action is available in MPG and QuickTime formats.